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Whether you’re building, buying or selling HSR Inspection Services licensed & insured home inspectors will provide complete, accurate information about your home from our thorough home inspection. Our honest and accurate home inspections will provide you peace of mind and the details you need to make successful and informed investments as a homeowner.

HSR Inspection Services uses the latest home inspection software to deliver you a visual, modern home inspection report that explains our findings in a way you can understand.

A house is the biggest investment of your life. It is not just a shelter but a place where you create your memories with your family and friends. Hence, you have to be very careful and alert while buying or renting a flawless property.

Most of the problems in the property are hidden inside cracks and corners, that are not visible to the naked eye. And hence, you need the advice of an expert to help you catch those issues and open your eyes.Whether you are a tenant or owner, an informed decision before you move into the house can help reduce the risks of buying a property with damages.

With our professional home inspection in Raleigh NC, you can not only get the entire property inspected from the ceiling to the floor with great accuracy but also minimize the risk of dangers to you and the property. Not only the buyers, even sellers, real estate agents/brokers, tenants, can all benefit from our home inspection services.

Potential red flags like water damage, structural defects, problems with the plumbing or electrical systems, as well as mold and pest infestations, can cost you a bomb if not detected at an early stage, and these can also weaken the property structures risking your life.

In a nutshell, getting your property inspected is a must before buying or renting any property. So call us today and get the free estimates for your house inspection.

Best Home Inspector in Raleigh, NC

We have provided our home inspection services to thousands of customers and we have 100% satisfaction rates. In fact, most of our customers come from the references and mouth marketing by our old customers. That itself says a lot about our quality of services.

We have a great reputation in the home inspection industry for our quality work, dedication to our work, punctuality, and excellent customer service. We are a customer-centric company and we offer comfort and flexibility to our customers as no other company does. We work day and night, on weekends as well as on holidays based on the availability of our customers.

We have extremely talented and skilled home inspectors in Raleigh NC working with us who are experts in doing a thorough examination of your place. They are very friendly and help you answer all your doubts and concerns throughout the inspection.

After the inspection is completed, they quickly generate the report listing all the issues in the property that is easy to understand and explain to you the seriousness of it. With the help of our reports, you can take your decision whether to buy the property or not or if you can make a good bargain out of it.

Affordable Home Inspection Services Raleigh

If you think house inspections are costly, that is a myth!

You see hundreds of fancy properties getting listed for sale or rent every year, and most of them have multiple defects. Most of the defects that are quite common like issues with plumbing, electrical connections, structural defects, and broken appliances. If these defects are not caught early, they can become quite expensive repairs and will involve a lot of your time and energy.

Getting a home inspection done can save thousands of your dollars and can help you make a better decision before making the transaction on that property. It gives you a clear value-add during your home buying or renting processes.

Our home inspection services are pretty affordable as compared to others. We offer great deals, discounts, and cost-effective packages so that you get a complete benefit of our services within your budget. We do not charge you anything extra or for any overtime. Our main goal is to improve the quality of housing, one home at a time.

It is not worth risking your life’s savings fixing the property damages when you can avoid them and take our affordable home inspection services. Call us today to find out how we can help you take possession of a quality home.

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Pre-Purchase Home Inspection in Raleigh

Seller Pre-listing / Buyers Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

We offer a comprehensive, unbiased assessment of the property that exceeds the North Carolina standards of practice. We inspect everything, not just a representative numbers of items. We include, for an additional fee, a pre-closing walk thru inspection to verify that any agreed upon repairs are done correctly or just to answer any concerns you may have.

New Construction/ Warranty Inspections

New Construction/ Warranty Inspections

Like for every investment you make, your home also has a warranty given to you by your builder. Mostly, builders offer a 12-month warranty period to the new homeowners. The warranty usually covers defects that are in regard to the materials used and workmanship. Often a new build warranty inspection is done in the 10th or 11th month, right before the warranty is about to expire.

Home Maintenance Inspection in Raleigh

Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

Avoid costly repairs by having an annual home inspection to catch any defects before they become major problems.

Radon Inspection in Raleigh

Radon Inspection

48-hour continuous radon monitoring to determine if levels require remediation or if an existing remediation system is working correctly.



Michelle L.

Great inspector to work with

JoAnn R.

Attentive to detail and helpful answering questions! I would Recommend!

John S.

Haslin crawled all over the house and found issues not reported by the Seller Inspection, specifically moisture issue in the crawlspace.

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