Home Inspection Services in Mebane, NC

Mebane is becoming a realtor hub slowly but surely. To reap the benefits of the property boom, home inspections in Mebane are becoming a growing need. HSR Inspections gives you the guarantee of job well done, and makes you confident in the correct value of your property. Numerous discounts available. Avail them today, by getting a quote.

Trusted Home Inspector in Mebane, NC

We are the best home inspector in Mebane, NC because-

  1. Top notch professionals with certified skills from world recognised organisations such as InterNACHI etc.
  2. Not only certification, our professionals have the best industry experience that anyone can possess.
  3. Our best home inspectors use the cutting edge technology to check and inspect your home.
  4. Our report methodology is as sophisticated but at the same time, reports are simple to understand.
  5. We provide a service to help you make an informed decision. And the service is the best possible.

Our Other Inspection Services

We at HSR Inspections provide the following additional services too-

  • Seller Pre-listing / Buyers Pre-Purchase Home Inspection- to help you make informed financial decisions.
  • New Construction/ Warranty Inspections- To make sure you are not duped by the contractor or seller.
  • Annual Home Maintenance Inspection- To give you the peace of mind you deserve.
  • Radon Inspection- Ensuring your good health.

Buyer’s / Seller Home Inspection Service Provider in Mebane, NC

Sellers generally get a home inspection done before listing the house to sell. And, many times buyers get a home inspection done before buying a certain home. We offer the peace of mind, of knowing the exact condition of home before making a decision. We,at HSR Inspections, do both the inspections as you need.

Annual Home Maintenance Inspection Services in Mebane, NC

Annual home maintenance inspection, as the name suggests, refers to the annual inspection of your home to take care of any issues that are arising right now, so that they do not turn into anything serious. Regular inspection also makes sure that many problems do not accumulate and turn into something hard to rectify. HSR Inspections keeps you stress free by conducting these yearly inspections.

Mebane 5-Point Home Inspection

5 point Inspection in Mebane, NC consists of all the major points of inspection that should not be avoided in any inspection worth its while. Without even one of the five, the inspection can fail. These are-

  1. Roof- Shingles, skylights, flashings etc.
  2. Exterior- sidings, shingles, sealants drainage etc.
  3. Electrical- Wires, circuits, earthings etc.
  4.  Mechanical- HVAc, water heater, water supply etc.
  5. Structural- Foundation, joists etc. generally checked.

11-Month Warranty Home Inspection in Mebane, NC

We, at HSR Inspections, also do inspections for new constructions as well as warranty inspections that tell you about any problems that are likely to arise in future shortly after the warranty period finishes. This helps you to be safe from being duped by the owner or contractor for any faulty construction or installation.

Best Radon Inspection Services in Mebane, NC

Radon inspection in Mebane NC is available to you through HSR Inspections. Radon inspection is done to gauge the levels of radon, a chemical gas which is highly radioactive and  responsible for lung cancer because of continuous exposure,  in your home.

Crawl Space Inspection in Mebane, NC

Crawl space Inspection in Mebane can be done using the services of HSR Inspections. When Inspecting a crawl space main pointers to keep in mind are-

  • Insect or rodent infestation
  • Presence of excessive moisture or water
  • Presence of mold or black algae
  • Any hayward wires or wiring malfunctions
  • Foundation faults
  • Ventilation or lack thereof
  • Framing problems.
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